I save coaches and online entrepreneurs from drowning.

Not literally, of course, though I am a pretty good swimmer…except when I was dragged off by a rip tide and had to be rescued by a lifeguard. Now, THAT was embarrassing (and just a tad bit terrifying).

What I’m talking about here is the

vast ocean that is the www.

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to be overwhelmed by the tidal wave of information, details and – UGH – technology that comes with running an online business?

Should you be a company or a public figure on Facebook?

Is WordPress the holy grail of websites or can you just make life easy and use Wix?

What the heck are widgets and where do you put them?

Which email marketing service should you use?

Do you choose single or double opt-in? Aaaaaaaarrrrrghhhh!

No wonder so many of us are paralyzed into constantly learning and planning and procrastinating…while never actually taking enough meaningful ACTION!

Well, it all ends here – with me.

(A much less sexy version of Pamela Anderson.)

I’ll teach you step-by-step how to do the things that will truly grow your business, and steer you away from the gazillion distracting, sabotaging things that won’t. (And if you’re wondering…yip, I’ve learned this from experience – see proof below – along with a handful of brilliant mentors and coaches.)

By the time we’re done, you’ll have a website that looks like a million bucks (but doesn’t cost it!) The know-how to attract all the loyal subscribers you could possibly want. All while loving your business…and making it highly profitable.

1) The first language I ever spoke was Greek. Unfortunately, it’s now all Greek to me!

2) I grew up on a game reserve in South Africa. I loved every minute of it (except when there were deadly snakes, scorpions and the occasional bat in my bedroom).

3) My first official job was making smoothies. My second official job was as a news reporter.

4) I used to want to be a cowgirl…just so I could ride horses all day.

5) I feel at home any place where there are palm trees.

6) I’ve been married for 13 years and have two fur babies and one not-so-furry baby…all of them have gorgeous blue eyes. 

7) When I’m concentrating, talking to me is like talking to a wall.

8) I had a major health crisis in my 20s which led me to become a health coach.

9) I have terrible aim. Seriously, I’m dangerous. (Same goes for my singing.) 

10) I love my work so much I find it difficult to stop – which is really bad when it comes to cooking and housecleaning!

The whole enchilada (or, my professional escapades in detail)

pencilI started my career as a bullet-dodging journalist in South Africa. After that adventure (ordeal?!), I wrote copy for some of the world’s most famous brands (woohoo, free IMAX tickets!) with Publicis Worldwide.


TVThen…I jumped on a plane and started a gig as a television producer, working for PBS and running my own production company (with clients like The New York Times Company, Smithsonian, and Merck). Snagged a couple of Emmy nominations along the way, as well as an amazing husband – BONUS!



Back at the ranch, however, I was burning the candle at both ends and subsisting on a diet of fast-food. Cue major health breakdown! (Which lead to major health education and a reincarnation as a health coach.)


computerCreated a thriving online health coaching practice. Exploded my email list. Transitioned into my true love: helping other entrepreneurs plan their marketing strategy and take ACTION!




My education includes: diploma

A Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Journalism and Linguistics from Rhodes University;
A post graduate diploma in Copywriting and Marketing from the AAA School of Advertising (the name doesn’t seem as funny in South Africa!);
Board certified Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition®
Aaaand…all the pre-med classes for a Bachelor of Science degree in dietetics.

The End. (for now)


Frequently Asked Questions


I designed it using Divi, a very customizable and responsive Elegant Themes template. You can use it to create your website, lead pages, opt-in forms and more. Watch the video and take the demo for a test run here. If you’d like help, I can install it for you with my developer’s license (the cost of the theme is included in my fee).

My talented (and very patient!) husband took all my shots. I wanted them to be super saturated and hyper-real, which he achieved using Photoshop. And yes, if you need your photos modified – from minor fixes to elaborate composites – he may be able to help. Contact him here. I’m happy to share.
Not always, but I seem to have much more fun when I do! You can check out the evolution of my website photos here (including all the Photoshop magic). And if you’d like to see me NOT pulling a funny face, well okay, just this once…not-a-funny-face

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