Venngage…the not so new kid on the block!

Venngage…the not so new kid on the block!


Ever heard of Vennagage? Me neither! At least, not until recently. Funny thing is, this nerdy cousin of tools like Canva is actually super-cool…once you give it the time of day, ya know.

It’s a no-brainer to use if you want to make sharp looking infographics that look oh-so-pro (even if you really aren’t!) But more than this, you can use Venngage to trick out your site with responsive timelines and other jazzy elements.

Get the full, yummy scoop here…


Canva Design Tutorial

Canva Design Tutorial

It’s not too often that you get a combination of free + easy + fantastic…but I’ve got to admit my lovely, Canva has struck a home run! If you’re tech challenged, don’t have a ton-o-cashola to fork over for Photoshop, or if you flunked kindergarten art class, this resource is for YOU.

Check out my Canva design tutorial below and give me a holler if you have any Qs or need help!

Website Photographs…Done (PHEW!)

Website Photographs…Done (PHEW!)

“The perfect is the enemy of the good,” my dad once told me in his endearing Greek accent. Sure, some things get a little mixed up in translation (like when he told me that he decided to shave off his mustard) but I think this particular one is spot on.

As a recovering perfectionist, it’s become somewhat of my mantra…which is why I was determined to have these diddly darn photos taken (see below) even though my husband told me he didn’t have the right equipment, even though I didn’t have all the props I wanted, even though I hadn’t lost the baby weight, even though…well, you get the picture!

I just knew that if I didn’t get the job done in spite of all these imperfect conditions, the photos may never get taken at all.

So snap, click, flash we went and not surprisingly, the images are no masterpieces. But they’re good. And good is good enough…at least for now!

Wanna a backstage tour of the process?

Well then, follow me! But first, a bit of background…

My target audience/ideal customer: Women health coaches and solopreneurs who are in the business of helping and teaching others. Age isn’t as important as attitude: a can-do, go-getter who’s creative and not intimidated by learning new technology.

My concept: I wanted to get away from the standard “ooh-see-me-stand-against-a-wall” shots. More importantly, I wanted to be relatable to health coaches (hence the green juice, heads of broccoli and lettuce) and have my easy-going, slightly corny/dorky personality shine through.

Now for the results…

I did about 6 wardrobe changes, 8 different poses and ended up with approximately 150 shots. Some were out of focus or too dark, rendering them unusable. I narrowed all of them down to about 30 “good shots” and then 18 “favorites”. From that group, I sent 8 shots to my husband to work his magic.

This narrowing down process really helped tame the overwhelm of being faced with so many options. I didn’t force myself to choose “the ones” right from the start.

The raw files were on a grey background, like this….


My talented husband took them into Photoshop to cut me out. I could have done it but the truth is he’s more meticulous about it (i.e. he has a LOT more patience!) I also asked him to saturate the colors and make the overall look of the image a bit hyper-real. I didn’t care about the photographs being flattering so much as eye-catching and memorable. I was happy with the results…


Then I got my hands on the processed images and went, “oh doodie…I don’t know what to do with these!” So I took one and put about 9 different backgrounds behind it, also in Photoshop. Unfortunately I deleted most of them, but here are a few rough ideas:

Green Juice example 1

Green Juice example 2

In the end, I liked a white background the best but the original treatment with a white background wasn’t doing it for me, so I decided to add some fun elements, like the origami text box and some blades of grass…


And voila! My photographs are done. Not perfect but…say it with megood is GOOD ENOUGH!

Now it’s your turn…wanna share your photos? I’d love to see them! Please post your link in the comments below.

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