Quite possibly the most fun training in the WordPress Website in a Week course, Day 3 will show you how to choose your website colors and fonts, design an attractive logo and create eye-catching images – all quickly, easily and without the frustration factor!

Ahoy there!

I’m Maria and I save coaches and solopreneurs from drowning in overwhelm (because, if you haven’t noticed, there are a LOT of challenges when it comes to running an online biz!)

In my past life, I was a bullet-dodging journalist, turned copywriter, turned TV producer. Unfortunately, all these fabulous, creative adventures meant that I was burning the candle at both ends. Cue major health breakdown…which lead to my reincarnation as a health coach. YAY!

Having created several online businesses, I knew I wanted to take my health coaching practice out into the big wide world. In well under a year, I managed to explode my email list and build a thriving online community. And that’s when I realized that my greatest passion and strength is in teaching other healers and helpers how to create their websites, plan their marketing strategy and achieve BIG results!

Wanna know more details? Here’s my full 411!

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