Canva Tips & Tricks for Stunning Website Graphics

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Cheat sheet!

For Website Images…

  • No larger than 200KB each (1MB = 1,000KB; 1GB = 1,000,000KB)
  • Use JPG format except for logos and images where you need a transparent background
  • Always format your images at the size you need. i.e, don’t make an icon 5,000 x 5,000px if you only need a 250 x 250px square!

Design Tools…

  • – use the free or paid version (comes with 30 day trial).
  • – use to compress your canva files to acceptable sizes (200KB or under). Feel free to use another similar tool, there are other free options.
  • Lunapic – free online photo editor to further edit your images beyond the capabilities of Canva. Also other options available – pick your favorite!
  • WordPress Website in a Week – done for your website layouts, headers and images (+ Divi WordPress Theme)

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