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A step-by-step action plan to explode your email list – FAST and with a teeny, tiny budget.

For real.

The last thing you need is another course. You’re already swimming in enough ‘info.’ What you REALLY need is a proven system to help you grow your email list and business –

If you own an online business, you already know that a healthy email list, filled with the right people, is critical to your success. That’s not the problem.

The problem is figuring out how, for the love of opt-ins you’re going to grow it!

Do you blog? Do you write articles? Do you get in front of a camera and start churning out YouTube videos?

You could. But you could also end up wasting A LOT of time.

The truth is, very few (if ANY!) techniques out there will get you the kind of gobsmacking results – at the teeny, tiny investment – that a running a giveaway will.

The best part? Giveaway in a Box is here to help you get thrilling results, quickly, easily and without making the typical rookie mistakes. Hurrah!

With Giveaway in a Box, you will…

EXPLODE your email list with subscribers who are perfectly aligned and hungry for the solutions you offer.

Rub elbows with the biz superstars in your niche…and make them your new best friends – yes, even those people who you may think are waaaaay out of your league!

Grow your email list using one of the most cost-effective and powerful methods on the planet. (It can cost you less than $100. Seriously.)

Get instant expert and Rock Star status as the host of a buzz-worthy online event (not to mention being showered by gratitude and glowing feedback)!

The best part?

You can accomplish ALL this in a mere 3 months. Or less.


You will NEVER see a lower price than this no-brainer deal. Grab it while you can! 

Maria is an absolute master at creating training and content that will blow your mind. Whether you’re a beginner or you have a lot of experience, you’ll find her Giveaway in a Box to be a treasure trove of knowledge you can use to quickly grow your list, without spending a fortune.  I can’t recommend Maria and her work highly enough! Alysa Rushton

Magnetic Messengers Academy

List building is the key to a vibrant, successful business – but paid advertising can be expensive! So what better way to grow your list for free than by using giveaways? The last giveaway I was in with Maria was fabulous – impeccably organized, beautifully branded, and she is a pleasure to work with. And best of all – you’ll add lots of folks to your list that are high quality leads – so awesome! Sheri Rosenthal

Wanderlust Entrepreneur

I adored the Giveaway and loved what a fun, easy and positive experience you created for us. As a list-building tool, your giveaway was definitely the most bang for the buck and perfectly aligned new members to my tribe. I LOVED the collaboration!!! It lights me up to develop more aligned relationships with soulful ladypreneurs. Becca Berggren

Simplee Online

What’s in the box?

Giveaway in a Box is designed to help you plan + run your first giveaway with ultimate ease and speed. As you might expect, it’s packed with all the VITAL information you need to know to run a stellar, buzz-worthy event. BUT, what’s really thrilling and insanely valuable are all the DONE-FOR-YOU materials, swipe files, tutorials and other goodies – AKA, pure ‘Giveaway Gold!’ 


With gold nuggets like these…


Swipe files for ALL the emails you will be sending to your contributors AND subscribers.

A website blueprint that explains the purpose and layout of each and every page on your site (including the secret, behind-the-scenes ones) .

Website copy swipe files – this alone will save you HOURS of work and effort.


A video tutorial showing you how to design marketing materials – beautifully and for free!


A video design tutorial to show you how to create a beautiful logo and graphics for your giveaway site – without spending a penny (unless you really want to).

Done-for-you graphics that you can use to clearly explain requirements to your contributors (no more back-and-forth headaches!)


PLUS materials to help you plan and stay organized, know which tech tools to use, what to do WHEN, and so, so much more!

Ready to get started growing your list, building authority and making amazing connections?

Answers to your questions…
Will Giveaway in a Box work for me?

If you have an online business that needs to attract subscribers, then YES, Giveaway in a Box WILL work for you…provided you follow the steps and actually run a giveaway! (Is that stating the obvious?)

The good news is, it’s not so much a course as it is a plan of ACTION. So you won’t drown in tons of overwhelming information. The focus is on doing – and doing it easily and fast!

How much time will it take?

I planned my first giveaway in a month. It’s totally doable if you’re committed, but I generally recommend that most people give themselves about 3 months to plan thier first giveaway. (And this allows you to spend only about 2-3 hours per week planning it.)

Also, you don’t have to go through the course before you start planning, the course is designed to help you get each step done as you go along. Whoopee!

What's included?

In a nutshell…pretty much everything you need to run your giveaway, except your website!

For example, timelines (to help you schedule everything out); a website blueprint, complete with suggested graphics and layouts; swipe files for all your emails – to contributors and participants; tips on what to expect and how to make sure your event is a huge success; my own personal giveaway breakdown (with suggested tools and tricks to maximize your opt-ins) and LOTS more…but no more than you actully need. (Overwhelm is not my style.)

It’s honestly the next best thing to having ME run your giveaway for you…but that would cost you 50-100 times more!

Is there a money-back guarantee?
You bet! I offer a 30 day money-back guarantee. If you don’t love the course, you will be promptly and cheerfully refunded.
What happens when I buy?
As soon as your payment is processed, you will gain immediate access to the course. No dripped content – it’s ready to help you explode your email list you whenever you are!

Maria is a born entrepreneur, Emmy-nominated television producer and online business owner. Over the past five years, she has grown multiple email lists by thousands of shiny, happy subscribers AND created lasting relationships with some of the most inspiring entrepreneurs in her niche.

Her mission is to help other coaches and solopreneurs understand and harness the power of giveaways so that they can build their businesses fast, without spending a fortune or getting stuck in paralyzing overwhelm.  

When she’s not blissfully running giveaways, Maria can be found traveling, cooking or playing music with her guitarist/singer husband and harmonica toting toddler (she’s the tone deaf member of the band).

Maria is one of the nicest, most supportive, knowledgeable coaches I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Knowing she was there for answers, suggestions and troubleshooting was such a relief as I navigated the process. Melissa Williams-Pope

Giveaway in a Box student

Thanks, Maria! Gosh, if I ever run a giveaway, your level of greatness is what I’ll aspire to. Nicole Bonsol

Giveaway Contributor

Get the course at this CRAZY-PANTS interview deal, before the timer runs out.

Course price is increasing by $200 in…








Please note: Because every giveaway is different – different niche, different contributors, different audience – it’s impossible to predict how many subscribers you will get your first time around. Several hundred should be very doable, but ultimately it’s your decisions and the work you put in that will determine your success.

I may be stating the obvious, but it’s worth mentioning, I think. 🙂

Copyright, Maria Saracen. | All Rights Reserved.

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